Tug The Table Game


Tug The Table full description

This game is developed by Miniclip games which are one of the best developers in online gaming. This game is simple and quite user-friendly. The idea is similar to tug of war using a rope that we have all been watching and playing since our childhood. The game involves two players who have to tug a table between them. The first player to make the opponent enter his half of the area wins.

The graphics of the game are quite elegant and are simple. You will need an Adobe Flash player and a unity web browser(firefox preferred) to run the game. Nowadays, most systems have this software built in, and you can play these games whenever you want to. The game does not require any loading time and is as swift as it can get. The best part about these mini games is that you only need one key to play the whole game. In tug the table, you have to keep pressing the button "up" to play the game. One, who presses it faster repeatedly, wins.

Tug the Rope allows multiplayer option as well. The game just requires 2 keys from the keyboard to be played by two players who make it simpler and easier for the gamers. You can change the required keys in the options tab and can also control the volume of the game.